The View: Democratic Iowa Caucus Was a Disaster Because of Red State Culture and White People

Source: Lou Rocco/ABC via AP

The kick-off to the 2020 Democratic primaries was rather disastrous. In Iowa, the caucuses were a complete and total disaster. There was no data. For over 24 hours, we have no idea what was going on, and even the set we have now is still coming under immense scrutiny. The app that was used, made by former Clinton and Obama operatives, was—shocker—not good. It was the Democratic Party’s episode of Project Orca, which caused Republicans embarrassment back in 2012. It’s still a mess. The Iowa Democratic Party chair has promised to resign after new leadership is chosen, and the 202o Iowa Caucus might also be the last after this debacle.

So, what caused this fiasco? Well, according to The View’s Joy Behar, it was white people and red-state culture, whatever that means. The Washington Times has more on this predicable observation from liberal America on the programs February 4 episode:

The comedian told her ABC colleagues on “The View” that it’s time to abandon the Hawkeye State because rooms with a high percentage of white people are “not an indication of the Democratic Party.”

“Why are they doing it in a red state?” Ms. Behar asked. “It’s a Democratic Party. Why don’t they go to a blue state and do it? And mostly white people, young white people are voting in Iowa. That’s not an indication of the Democratic Party. So that was a mistake. I agree [that] Iowa should not be doing it. Although, I love Iowa. I’ve been there. It’s a lovely place and the people are very nice.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin concurred with politically dismissing Iowa on racial grounds.

Iowa has elected Democrats, Joy. I think Tom Harkin would be insulted by this observation. It’s also lazy, and the state has an 89 percent match with the national demographics of the country. It’s the predictable pivot from a party and brand of voter that is obsessed with being politically correct, left-wing, and worst of all “woke.” The Democratic Party is running on a ‘government-runs all because government knows-all’ platform, and being unable to count 170,000 votes sort of blows the whole narrative up.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: The View: Democratic Iowa Caucus Was a Disaster Because of Red State Culture and White People

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