These 10 States Prepare to Reopen Their Economies–Trump Weighs In

After nearly two months of government-mandated shutdowns, Americans are clamoring to get back to work. As the infection cases subside nationwide, governors begin to discuss reopening the economy. Now, ten governors plan to kickstart their states soon. The president, who appeared once to be against rogue decisions, is saying this.

Much has been said about how our state and local governments responded to the outbreak. And I’m guessing much more will be said in the months and years to come. Americans suffered as the government forced businesses to close. The shutdowns upended everyone’s lives in ways nobody could have foreseen. Many have suggested the “cure” was much worse than the disease. Only now are we realizing how true that has become.

Today, governors that as recently as last week who said their states might be closed for months are changing their tune. New York Gov. Cuomo announced the “worst” of the crisis is over. That’s pretty critical, considering New York was slammed much harder than any other state. Other leaders have seen the massive toll the forced (and un-Constitutional) shutdowns have taken on everyday life. Eager to protect their jobs, they are announcing plans to reopen.

But the president had signaled states will not be able to reopen without the White House’s approval. States were willing to obey Trump, when they feared the worst. But now that they’ve realize the disease wasn’t the End of All Things, they seem to want to take credit for restoring the economy by going it without Trump. Will the president oppose individual state’s attempts to put things back to normal?

Of course not.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) announced… his government was forming a partnership with six other Northeastern states to coordinate how to end the lockdown…

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced a similar partnership with Oregon and Washington on the same day, with the three governments emphasizing the importance of a uniform response on the West Coast in a joint statement…

President Donald Trump has since distanced himself from his previous stance — in which he suggested the decision to re-open should be done at the federal level — and has decided to encourage governors to take the lead in re-opening the economy, with respect to their individual states…

“I will be speaking to all 50 governors very shortly, And I will then be authorizing each individual governor of each individual state to implement a re-opening, very powerful reopening plan of their state in a timely manner which is most appropriate,” said Trump at the coronavirus press briefing on Tuesday. [Source: Daily Wire]

Last week, Trump announced he formed a task force on reopening the country. It seems like this group moved faster than expected, because they are already providing guidance to states on how to reopen. During the press briefing, Trump said some states will reopen in the coming weeks, before the end of April.

The idea that Trump would oppose individual states from moving forward is ludicrous. Yet that’s already the narrative the liberal media is pushing. Through all this crisis, the media has been our biggest enemy.

They hyped up the disease, spreading fear and panic. They did nothing to encourage a calm or responsible response. During the worst of it, they continued their campaign of fake news against the president. At a time when everyone said we needed to “come together,” liberals in the news still spread division, hate, and partisan politics.

Now that we’re coming out the other side, expect them to invent new narratives to discredit Trump. He was the one that held this country together. And he’s the one advising the states. But the media will claim Trump did “nothing,” as local leaders fought off the disease. If the states reopened in “defiance” of the president, the media will say they did more to end this crisis than the White House.

Which is just another blatant lie. Without the president’s leadership, we would have been screwed. States weren’t prepared and they only managed because of the tireless, 24/7 support of Trump’s task force.

In the coming weeks, the media will try to make you believe this was all the left’s doing. But it’s yet another lie.

If Trump hadn’t moved when nobody else was moving, who knows where we’d be today?

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