Trump Announces Supreme Court Picks – Biden Comes Up Empty

With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, all eyes are on the next Supreme Court justice. President Trump has promised to appoint a new justice quickly, with the Republican-controlled Senate ready to confirm. Democrats demand that they wait until after the election, including Biden. But when asked to produce his own list of potential nominees, he comes up empty. Even though he promised a list this Summer.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Biden—I mean, Biden’s campaign—refuse to produce a list of nominees. That would force Biden to make an actual decision and he’s been coasting all this year by doing nothing. Creating a list of names he’d list to nominate for the Supreme Court would require making choices, choices that might upset or alienate the people he is trying to win over.

And we all know Joe is torn between the radical left controlling the Democratic Party—and the majority of moderate voters that still vote for the party.

Instead of seeing it as a golden opportunity to win supporters, Biden’s campaign is trapped.

So, even as Trump burns down the barn with wins and his own list of nominees, Biden denies ever promising one. But that has turned out to be a great big rotten egg of a lie.

CLAIM: Joe Biden suggested Sunday that he never promised to release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

VERDICT: MOSTLY FALSE. In June, Biden promised a list, though he gave no specific date for releasing it…

Biden falsely claimed that the Supreme Court was not even planning a session before the election. He also pushed back on the idea that he would need to release a list of potential nominees, as President Donald Trump did in 2016, and as he did again earlier this month.

Biden suggested that the very idea he would release a list was absurd…

It is a flat-out lie for Biden to claim that Trump only asked him to release his list after Ginsburg died. The Trump campaign has been doing so for months…

Biden himself said that he was working on a list of potential Supreme Court nominees — consisting solely of African American women — and said he would release it, eventually. [Source: Breitbart]

The only thing “absurd” right now is the fact that Joe Biden is running for president. The Democrats couldn’t have picked a worse candidate than him.

He has refused to make any meaningful decisions or to announce substantial policy since becoming the nominee. Even during the DNC, he and the rest of the party focused on spreading hate against Trump, rather than promising anything to Americans. Biden took forever to decide his running mate and that was a disaster.

It makes sense that he’d cowardly refuse to release any kind of list for Supreme Court nominees—black women or otherwise. He doesn’t want to upset anyone going into the last few months of the election.

But to claim that he never made that promise is just ridiculous when we have the man on the record saying the opposite.

This is pretty common with Biden. He often tries to back out of his obligations, claiming he never said what he said. He keeps getting away with it, because the liberal-leaning media wants him to win. So, they ignore the many, many times he lies, gets completely confused, loses his temper, or says something utterly racist.

How many times will the media bailout this loser? He’s too weak to even come up with a list of just five names to replace RBG’s seat. What is he going to do when he has real responsibilities in the Oval Office?

Thankfully, we’ll never have to find out. Because this man will never win the election.

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