Trump Exposes Covert Plan Inside Biden’s Partnership With Sanders

During a press conference on deregulation, President Trump criticized candidate Joe Biden’s latest platform shift. The Democrat has partnered with Bernie Sanders to craft what he intends to do, if he is elected president. Trump warned the country what would happen if Biden is able to establish his “socialist nightmare.”

Democrats—and their voters—should be very worried right about now. They picked Joe Biden over twenty possible candidates, because they believed he was the safe choice to go up against Donald Trump. He was considered a moderate Democrat whose platform would appeal to middle-of-the-road Democrats and independents.

He entered the race to counter Bernie Sanders’ radical, left-wing agenda.

But recently, his campaign announced that he set up a team with Bernie Sanders, to specifically craft a new platform. Many have commented on how Biden is becoming more and more leftist in his views as we near the general election—a strategy that is sure to alienate even Democrat voters.

President Trump took the time to address this issue, saying Biden’s policies will transform America into a socialist regime.

While making remarks ostensibly about rolling back federal regulations on infrastructure projects, Trump veered off topic to malign the proposals put forth by a task force set up by Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders…

“The American dream would be quickly snuffed out and replaced by a socialist nightmare,” Trump said of Biden and Sanders’ so-called “unity platform.” “The end result will be to totally destroy the beautiful suburbs.”

… “Suburbia will be no longer as we know it,” Trump said. “They’re going watch it go to hell. Not while I am here.” [Source: Fox News]

One of the ideas floating around the Biden camp is a rule that would eliminate single family homes in America. Claiming this to be an “environmental justice” issue, Biden would use this radical, left-wing rule to demolish millions of homes across America. Land-owning citizens would lose their property, as the government builds ugly, crowded domiciles. Americans would be forced into these tenements, unable to resist.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of the radical, socialist platform being pushed by Biden and Sanders.

Biden was once considered a free market-supporting Democrat. Not anymore. When he pushes radical ideas that strip citizens of their basic rights, he has nothing in common with the average American.

Many have wondered what’s going on in Joe Biden’s head. Is he really becoming a socialist or has his mind slipped so far, that he just does whatever his left-wing handlers tell him to do?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Biden has made it clear that if he was elected president, our nation would crumble. He is following Sanders’ footsteps to turn our beautiful country into something that resembles the dreary, cold, and corrupt Soviet Union.

How would you like losing your home to live in a squat, cement block with four other families? Want to move? Maybe buy a house? Sorry, that’s considered “racist” by the president. Our suburbs, rural towns, and safe, quiet communities will be bulldozed, so that Comrade Biden can build his government-controlled projects. Get used to living with shady individuals and criminals, who are given free room and board, one bed over from you.

Sound insane? That’s exactly the platform Biden is pushing. “Environmental” and social justice are just fronts for pushing extreme socialism. Working- and middle-class Americans will lose everything they’ve worked for, so that Democrats can gobble up more power and wealth.

Meanwhile, Biden and his liberal elites will enjoy living in nice, gated communities, far away from the chaos.

Can we afford such radical thinking? I think you know the answer to that.

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