Trump Hits ‘Crooked’ Teachers Unions With Change They Never Saw Coming

As America approaches the Fall school year, President Trump and numerous others call for public schools to reopen. The data proves children are at little threat of catching COVID-19. But the only people standing in the way are teachers. So, Trump has a plan to make sure parents can educate their kids, one way or another.

From the very start of the COVID panic, we knew one thing: that the disease poses a threat only to those 65 and older. All the data, all the cases, proved that the most at risk were elderly citizens or those with weak immune systems. In all the months since, that has never changed. Children were in little danger of catching the disease (or dying from it). Data even proved they were unlikely to spread it to others.

Yet despite this obvious information, the idiots that run our government shut down schools and colleges nationwide. They forced millions of students to suffer, derailing their education and important moments like graduation, sporting achievements, and proms. Children were a massive casualty of the senseless panic spread by the media and government officials.

Even now that we know children stand little chance of suffering from COVID, many states refuse to reopen their schools in the Fall. Once again, we see that school boards aren’t interested in the well-being of their students, but are cowering to the demands of corrupt, greedy teachers unions.

It seems Trump has found a solution: give funding directly to parents so they can make the choice themselves.

President Donald Trump endorsed on Thursday the idea of giving federal funds to parents of students for a school of their choice if their local public school districts close during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said he asked Congress to pass $105 billion in funding for schools to help them reopen promptly and safely, unless they refused to do so.

“If schools do not reopen, the funding should go to parents to send their child to public, private, charter, religious, or home school of their choice,” Trump said. “The keyword being choice. If the school is closed, the money should follow the student.” [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats hate school choice because they’d rather see children stuck in failing public schools where they are bombarded by left-wing propaganda. But, once again, they are defeating their own plans by fighting to keep schools closed.

Hey, idiots! You can’t have it both ways. Either you reopen public schools or parents will find alternatives to make sure their kids aren’t left behind.

Listen, Europe is reopening their schools. Many states are doing the same. Those children who can’t get back into the swing of things (recovering what they missed out on last year) will be sorely behind the rest of the world. Do you want that on your hands, leftists?

The only reason some states refuse to reopen schools is because crooked teachers unions are trying to milk funds for themselves. They know full well that children face zero threat from the disease. The teachers themselves will be perfectly safe too. Like the corrupt scoundrels they are, teachers unions are just angling for pay raises and more benefits.

I guess the last thing they worry about is educating children.

Trump is masterful here. He has been a champion for school choice for years. By pivoting this way, he will either force states to open their school or secure more funding for parents and children. Parents will be able to use the funds to send their kids to schools that are actually open. The teacher’s unions are being totally circumvented through this solution. And it serves them right.

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