Trump Introduces Genius Immigration Program – Saves Thousands Of Jobs

A hallmark of Trump’s presidency has been to protect blue-collar workers’ jobs from low wage illegal immigrants. His work to protect the border has ensured that many Americans got and kept good-paying jobs. But there has been a long-standing program that has taken good jobs from white-collar employees. Now, Trump is rewriting the program to prevent companies from outsourcing to other countries.

You may have never heard of the H-1B visa program, but it’s been around for a while. Companies have used it for years as a way to get around hiring college-educated workers. That’s right, while everyone told you that getting an expensive college degree would ensure a career, companies were exploiting this government program to give your job to low wage workers in India and China.

It has been particularly nefarious for Silicon Valley companies. Many of them were startups, who hired American workers long ago to get off the ground. As soon as these companies grew profitable, they’d use the H-1B program to bring in temporary immigrant workers. American employees would be forced to train these newcomers, who would then leave—taking American jobs with them!

(This, by the way, is one of the major reasons big tech companies support left-wing politicians, because they promise to expand this program.)

What good is fighting to defend our border, when companies can legally replace American workers with outsiders? So, Trump has set his sights on this program to ensure all American jobs are safe.

The reform will end the annual award of 85,000 H-1B visas by lottery, which has been gamed by companies to import foreign workers at wages far below the salaries needed by American professionals. Instead, the visas will be offered to the companies that compete to offer the highest salaries, preventing employers from undercutting American graduates.

“The Trump administration is continuing to deliver on its promise to protect the American worker while strengthening the economy,” said Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli. “The current use of random selection to allocate H-1B visas … hurts American workers by bringing in relatively lower-paid foreign labor at the expense of the American workforce.” [Source: Breitbart]

This move might be the best proof that Donald Trump actually means what he says when he talks about putting Americans first. Why? Because most of the people who hate his border wall were leftists who wanted to exploit cheap Mexican labor. But the H-1B visa program is used by many companies, including major donors and Fortune 500 companies—some of which support the president.

But instead of cowing to the rich and power, Trump is keeping his word to protect all American jobs. What good is it if we can save blue-collar jobs, when so many college-educated Americans are put out on the street? For years politicians have scrambled to win over the working-class vote, but took middle-class voters for granted.

The sad reality is, though, their jobs are in just as much jeopardy thanks to globalist practices that ship them overseas. In fact, many of these jobs are in greater danger, because it doesn’t require a factory or large overhead, just someone oversees with a computer.

Companies from all industries have shipped white-collar jobs to places like India, China, and other parts of Asia for years. They have deprived Americans of good work, just to save a few bucks. That didn’t fly with President Trump. So, despite backlash, he is making sure Americans are put first—so that these companies can’t cheat us out of jobs.

He’s doing it at the expense of his own popularity. That’s more than enough reason to give him a second term.

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