Trump Is Going All-In Obama Scandal — Demands Legal Action

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen bombshell after bombshell released. Documents have revealed that the FBI’s case against Michael Flynn was nothing but a set up. On top of that, it appears Obama might have been behind the larger plot against the Trump administration. Now, President Trump is demanding that the Senate get to the bottom of this shocking scheme.

What would you say if, on his way out of office, George W. Bush allowed his DOJ and FBI to wiretape one of Obama’s new staffers? And what would have happened if Republicans used a shoddy dossier to build a case against Obama—sparking a three-year investigation we all knew was fake? And what if we learned Bush violated the Constitution again and again, just because the Democrats were taking the White House?

You know what would have happened. A scandal that big would have taken down Bush and his entire staff. Yet that is actually what we are seeing over Obamagate. The outgoing administration used a bogus dossier to launch a scheme to undermine the incoming president. Obama’s DOJ went to great lengths to find dirt, set up, and potentially frame members of Trump’s campaign and administration.

Yet nobody expects Obama to be held accountable? Trump doesn’t see it that way and he’s demanding the Senate take action.

President Donald Trump is reportedly leaning on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to pursue an investigation into the notorious “Obamagate” allegations that surfaced last week, suggesting that Republicans could be in danger of losing the Senate if they do not take an aggressive tack towards claims major Obama administration officials pushed to “unmask” former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Trump posted a “tweetstorm” Saturday pressuring McConnell to move quickly on Obamagate, even posting articles from The Federalist and other outlets, claiming that McConnell won’t “be able to confirm more judges or maintain a Republican majority without addressing the issue,” Fox News reports. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s no secret that Americans are outraged over what we’re learning from Obamagate. It appears Obama at least knew about the FBI’s crooked setup of Michael Flynn. Flynn’s case was just a piece of a larger scheme to frame Trump as a “Russian puppet.” All so that Democrats would have an excuse to impeach the president.

Many are saying this is much bigger than Watergate. And I tend to agree. Yet Mitch McConnell has been oddly quiet about this entire affair. The Senate Judiciary Committee has been firing up an investigation into this mess, led by Sen. Lindsey Graham. But why hasn’t McConnell done anything?

The Senate Majority Leader has significant power. He could take steps to prioritize an investigation into Obamagate. He can request that DOJ reveal what they know, or even press charges. At the very least, McConnell can let Americans know he will not let this scandal pass him by.

Trump fears that McConnell might not be able to keep his majority, if he does nothing. Americans are demanding action over this. Patriots are sick and tired of hearing about the endless scandals of the Obama administration, only to see Republicans do nothing.

If Republicans are really opposed to Obama and the left’s socialist agenda, they need to act. They need to let Americans know they will not let Democrats get away with their violation of our rights and rule of law. McConnell needs to take action to ensure this kind of corruption never happens again.

We know voters are behind Trump’s re-election in a big way. But they need to also see the GOP is supporting his leadership and vision. That’s the only way they can keep the Senate and retake the House.

Hopefully, they will do the right thing and act on Obamagate.

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