Trump Makes Big Promise If ‘Coronavirus 2.0’ Surfaces

Even as cases of COVID-19 fade rapidly, the media continues trying to stoke fear and panic. Those who support lockdowns and economic devastation warn of a “second wave” in the fall. Many claim this should require more drastic measures, as well as mail-in voting for the November election. But Trump is promising one thing.

Now, I’m no psychic, but let’s speculate on the likelihood of a “second wave” of COVID-19, shall we? How bad has the “first” wave of this virus been? Well, if you look at the actual number of hospitalizations, it hasn’t been the apocalypse many claimed it would be. The number of deaths aren’t accurate at this time, but we do know our country’s healthcare systems wasn’t overwhelmed, not by a longshot.

Most people who got the disease didn’t even have any symptoms. In fact, some experts believe the virus has been around since December 2019. Many people have already been exposed and developed an immunity. The only “devastating” impact of the virus has been the pathetic, knee-jerk reactionary decisions made by state governments. If you remove the lockdown insanity, this virus would have gone mostly unnoticed by Americans.

By the time a “second wave” comes in the fall (thanks to a drop in temperature), will anyone even notice? With enough people already immune, the odds of many people getting infected would be low.

States that have reopened now are seeing a continued drop in cases—that trend will probably continue throughout the year, until we have nothing to talk about concerning COVID-19.

That’s probably why Trump vowed that if there is a “second wave,” he will not be locking down the country.

President Trump acknowledged Thursday that there could be a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic later this year, but flatly stated he wouldn’t let any further outbreaks shutter the economy again.

“People say that’s a very distinct possibility,” Trump said when asked a possible second wave while in Michigan. “It’s standard. And, we’re going put out the fires. We’re not going to close the country.” [Source: Fox News]

Most of the people predicting a second wave are the same people who have been consistently wrong about this virus. Government experts as well as the CDC made big claims about this disease. None of which has come true. In fact, the CDC had to change its guidelines (AGAIN) about the virus. Now, they are saying the virus does not spread easily on surfaces—which radically reduces the threat of the disease.

People who demanded the U.S. to shutdown to “flatten the curve” apparently didn’t know what they were talking about. In fact, some experts say that the lock downs only put more people are risk, preventing healthy Americans from developing an immunity and shutting sick people in with healthy people.

A “second wave” would certainly be weaker than what we saw this time. It would be no justification for ruining millions of businesses and countless lives.

In fact, if we even get a whiff of lockdowns in the fall, there will be a revolt. Any liberal-leaning state that even mentions a “stay at home” order will face backlash like we’ve never seen. The protests and civil disobedience we are seeing all over the country would be nothing, compared to what’s coming.

Lockdowns did not work. That’s painfully obvious, by now. A disease is no excuse for a governor to rob Americans of their rights. Especially a disease we know we can control by quarantining the most vulnerable.

But how many leaders will echo Trump’s sentiments and “not close the country”? Which governors would panic at the first positive case in October? The president needs some kind of leverage to prevent Democrats from trying to derail the country again.

If not, this nightmare will start all over again.

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