Trump Repeals Obama-Era Rule That Affects Millions of Homeowners

Perhaps one of Obama’s worst measures would have hurt millions of families and homeowners across the country. It was the first step in a social engineering plan that would have continued into Hillary Clinton’s—and Joe Biden’s—administration. But President Trump proudly announced this week that this rule is gone for good.

Early into his first term, Trump went about dismantling the terrible rules and policies created by Barack Obama. In fact, Trump has so effectively undone Obama’s plans that at one point even liberal commentators said that Obama’s legacy was wiped out.

That’s what I’d call a successful first term.

Trump has worked to undo Obamacare, Obama’s absurd environmental regulations, and measures that punished anyone who sought the American dream. One rule Trump quickly undercut once he entered office. It would have destroyed beautiful suburban neighborhoods, flooding them with crime and poverty. And now, he’s just eliminated it for good.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump said via Twitter that Americans living the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream” will no longer be “bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing” built in their neighborhoods, referencing the recent repeal of the Obama era “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing,” or AFFH.

The rule was enacting in 2015, and was gutted by the Trump administration soon after he took office. On Thursday, the president officially repealed what was left of the AFFH. [Source: Daily Wire]

The “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule was a toxic social engineering experiment disguised as a civil rights cause. The Fair Housing Act prevents towns from discriminating against people based on race. But this rule would have forced towns to limit single-family homes, forcing them to build dense complexes, like the kind found in inner cities.

It would have required suburban neighborhoods to provide low-income housing, pushing the problems we see in major cities into the once safe, calm suburban areas of the country. It would have robbed hard-working Americans who wanted to escape the squalor of Democrat-run cities a chance to live in a better neighborhood.

Not only was this a socialist plan by Obama to erode Americans’ individual wealth, but it was a political scheme, too. He was hoping to get more poor minorities into America’s suburban regions so that they would skew the voting demographics. It’s the same reason he sent tens of thousands of Somali refugees into Minnesota—which is now so blue its defunding police.

Obama wasn’t interested in preserving Americans’ rights or prosperity. He only wanted to turn ALL of the country into the Southside of Chicago. This rule would have destroyed the peaceful communities we all wish to live in. Instead of encouraging Americans to climb out of poverty themselves, he was trying to spread the poverty to every corner of the country.

That will only accelerate if Joe Biden is elected. He will embrace even more radical measures than AFFH. He will destroy our communities by shoving inner-city problems into the suburbs. Then, he will defund the police so nobody will be safe.

President Trump has protected the American dream of millions of people by eliminating the toxic AFFH. It means that any Americans (regardless of race) can work hard to afford a home in a beautiful, safe, welcoming neighborhood. They can leave the inner city behind, not because the government is forcing it, but because they are achieving their goals.

We see what happens when Democrats call the shots. Cities run by leftists are falling apart. Rioters and anarchists overrun the streets but cops can’t do a thing. Do we really want that everywhere, in every corner of the country?

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