Trump Rocks Nevada Rally as Crowd Calls for Biden’s Arrest

Once again, Trump is packing venues while his rival can’t fill a bus station bathroom. Trump has returned to his legendary rallies this weekend, visiting several states and speaking before thousands. In Nevada, he spoke to a crowd about recent allegations against Democrat Joe Biden. Trump slaughter the leftist candidate, calling his family a “criminal enterprise.” That’s when the crowd chimed it.

2020 really feels like history is repeating itself, hasn’t it? Sure, 2016 didn’t have a global virus to hamper our enthusiasm, but it did have Democrat-orchestrated riots in blue cities (just not as many). 2016 also saw a weak, insider Democrat running for president whose only advantage was the mainstream media’s bogus support. It also saw Donald Trump building momentum as millions of Americans flocked to his banner.

It also saw mainstream media polls that predicted a Democrat victory, despite what we see all around us.

We’re not seeing spontaneous rallies and parades for Joe Biden. We aren’t even seeing people gather for events the candidate organizes himself. But we are seeing thousands of Americans pack airfields and hangers, COVID be damned, to hear and see the president. So-called “swing” states and blue states are seeing record numbers of people showing up at rallies. And in Nevada, Trump blasted Joe Biden over the recent allegations that he was fully aware of his son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

President Trump told a raucous Nevada rally on Sunday that he believes Joe Biden’s family is a “criminal enterprise” as the crowd chanted “lock him up.”

“They’re corrupt people. But Joe Biden is from a failed and corrupt political class,” Trump said as he referenced recent stories alleging emails show Hunter Biden traded on his father’s name to earn millions overseas when Joe Biden was vice president.

“Joe Biden is and always has been a corrupt politician,” the president added. “He always has been. And as far as I’m concerned, the Biden family is a criminal enterprise. It really is.”

The New York Post published several stories last week citing alleged emails discovered on a laptop at a Delaware repair shop, including one that stated Joe Biden had met with an official from a corrupt Ukrainian gas company that paid Hunter Biden to be a board member. [Source: Just the News]

The news about Biden’s crooked family was so damaging, that Facebook and Twitter had to block links to the articles out of fear. Even though they came from a legitimate news source, these liberal-owned websites posted warnings, claiming the New York Post was a “spam” site that would infect users’ computers.

Oh, boy, are they running scared now.

Trump was merciless to Biden during the rally. And his supporters returned to a familiar chant. But instead of calling for the arrest of Crooked Hillary, they turned their sights on Sleepy Joe Biden and his son.

Funny how four years later, the left is still nominating people with shady pasts. Can’t they find one Democrat who hasn’t been accused of serious crimes while in office?

Joe Biden repeatedly claimed to have “no” knowledge of his son’s business dealings in Ukraine. But newly revealed emails show that not only did Biden know, but he met with the CEO of Biden’s company. While he was vice president.

That casts serious doubts on not only what Biden said, but what he did as vice president.

Was Biden conducting his own pay-for-play scheme as vice president? Did he get Ukraine to fire a top prosecutor, because Hunter’s boss asked him to?

We don’t know for sure, but Trump is letting every American know what’s going on.

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