Trump Sends Final Warning To Leftist Mayor After Record Violent Weekend

The biggest city in the country has been on a downward spiral for years. But things have gotten so much worse in recent months, as the idiotic mayor pushed one bad idea after another. The once-celebrated city is now a ghost land, with garbage, homeless, and criminals flooding the streets. Mayor de Blasio refuses to do anything about it. So, Trump is vowing to intervene.

Sure, you might not like New York. The big, leftist city has little in common with the millions of conservative Americans across the nation. But despite all its flaws, New York is home to many hard-working, honest, patriotic Americans. And over this year, they’ve been forced into their homes, put out of work, suffered massive loss and death, and seen crime rise by hundreds of percent.

It’s been all thanks to one moron: Bill de Blasio. New York was okay when Michael Bloomberg was running it. Before he became a Democrat, Bloomberg was an uncompromising Republican who helped strengthen NYC’s prosperity. It’s only taken a few years for de Blasio to destroy everything Giuliani and Bloomberg spent decades creating.

De Blasio has never liked the NYPD. He has refused to support them for years. This year, it’s been the worst. He’s blamed the cops for much of the unrest (which was created by leftist mobs). In response to riots, he slashed $1 billion from the police budget. On top of that, he closed down a plainclothes anticrime unit. Immediately, shootings and violent crime surged.

What was the mayor’s response? He ignored the crime and painted “Black Lives Matter” outside Trump Tower. Yeah, that’ll keep the city safe!

Now, President Trump has sent a harsh message to de Blasio, protect the city, or else.

President Trump warned New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Sunday night that the federal government would act if his office fails to get a grip on the ongoing increase of violent crime in the city.

“Law and Order,” Trump tweeted. “If @NYCMayor can’t do it, we will!”

At least five people died in shootings across the city in at least 30 shootings, Fox 5 NY reported.

Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough president and former NYPD captain, told the station that he is not seeing the “level of urgency that should come from the city when you have a high level of violence.”

The Fox 5 NY report said that there were shooting in every borough and 43 shooting victims, 10 times the number over the same weekend in 2019. [Source: Fox News]

Despite the staggering number of shootings (just over this weekend), the city refuses to do anything about it. The Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, accused the city of not showing the “level of urgency” this kind of crime spree should spark.

People are dying and the city leaders don’t seem to care.

That’s because Bill de Blasio doesn’t care. Driven made by Trump Derangement Syndrome, he’s more interested in signaling his hate for the president, than actually doing his job to keep the city safe.

New York is (or was) a major world capital. People would flock there from all corners of the globe to vacation, celebrate, live, and work. Now, it’s like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie, with businesses and residents fleeing en masse.

If the abusive lockdowns don’t get you, the unchecked crime will.

How do Democrats think this is a winning strategy? Do they really believe this will hurt Trump? Democrats across the nation are destroying their own cities and states with harsh lockdowns and unchecked rioting. Nobody thinks this is Trump’s fault. In fact, he’s been the only person working to end all of this.

If de Blasio was smart, he’d reopen the city and increase police presence. But he’s not. He’s going to ignore Trump’s warnings.

Things will only change when he’s gone for good.

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