Trump Slams Biden over Lack of Obama “Bump”

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Joe Biden was the Democratic frontrunner—for a hot second. Now, it seems like he’s slipping in the polls. President Trump discussed the 2020 hopeful, asking why his former boss didn’t endorse him for president. Trump then said there must be a “big secret” as to why.

There seems to be a conspiracy on the left to stop Joe Biden from becoming president. Can’t say I’m surprised. In the weeks before he announced his candidacy, Biden was called out by numerous liberal women about his history of inappropriate touching. Despite this series of scandals, he still declared his intentions of running for POTUS.

After quickly rising in the polls, Biden has hit the skids. Democrats have criticized Biden, calling him “unchanging,” even “a disaster waiting to happen.” Elizabeth Warren, best known for pretending to be an American Indian, is besting him in recent polls. That’s pretty bad.

President Trump discussed Biden’s chances. In a recent interview, he asked why the former vice president never got an official nod from his old boss, President Obama. Good question. Trump even speculated on the reason.

President Trump has renewed his attacks on Joe Biden, this time questioning why former President Barack Obama hasn’t endorsed his former vice president.

In a new interview, Trump wondered if there was a “big secret” as to why Obama has not backed Biden.

“How he doesn’t get President Obama to endorse him, there has to be some reason why he’s not endorsing him,” Trump told The Hill.

“He was the vice president. They seemed to have gotten along. President Obama not endorsing him is rather… a big secret.” [Source: Fox News]

That’s a very good question. Joe Biden faithfully served Obama for eight years. He was a loyal member of the administration—far more loyal than Hillary Clinton, who used an illegal, private email server to hide her activity from Obama. Yet when she ran for president, Obama gave her his full support. He even campaigned for the woman.

For some reason, Obama said a few nice things about Biden, but did not official endorse the man. That hasn’t stopped Joe from doing everything he can to connect himself with the former president. He even tweeted out a bizarre message on “Best Friends Day,” with a picture of friendship bracelets with their names on them. A very obvious ploy to get support from young Obama lovers.

So why hasn’t Obama come out to back Biden? Is he secretly a Bernie bro? Does he actually think someone like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, or Pete Buttigieg would actually do a better job? Or is Obama just waiting to see who gets the nomination, then he’ll bother to endorse them.

Bit of a cowardly tactic, if you ask me.

Or maybe he, like the rest of the party it seems, does not want Biden to be president. Maybe Obama shares the views of the radical, left-wing of the party. That Biden, an old white man, represents the past. Maybe Obama would rather have a more politically correct person on the ticket—a woman or person of color—so he can really boast about it.

Or maybe Obama knows all of Biden’s dirty secrets. Perhaps he doesn’t think Biden has a chance, after all that news about China came out. After all, Biden advocated for China—not America—as VP, right as his son Hunter got millions from the foreign nation.

That should raise more than a few eyebrows, if you ask me. Maybe Obama does know a big secret about the former vice president. That he’s only a sellout, who will back whatever foreign power throws a few million his way.

But so was Hillary Clinton and Obama backed her.

So, there must be something even bigger than selling out his country to China. Dang, it must be really bad.

If Obama won’t back Biden—there are few candidates left worth backing. None, really, if we’re being honest. What left-wing candidate—who’s promising to bankrupt America with socialist programs—can beat Trump’s winning economy? The left’s only hope of winning 2020 is by coercing as many “non-citizens” into voting. And Trump is making sure that will never happen again.

Maybe Obama’s smart for just sitting this one out.

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