Trump Supporters Caught Pumping Money Into Democrat Campaign

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a one-term congresswoman from New York. The “Democratic socialist” has made headline news over her idiotic and terrible statements and plans. She even cost New York a billion-dollar deal with Amazon. Sick and tired of her stupidity, some Trump supporters are trying to get rid of her… by supporting her primary rival.

There’s just not enough room in one article to go over all the ways AOC is a terrible leader. The woman bamboozled a majority-Hispanic district by promising to abolish ICE. She never even tried to do that. She’s spent her time in D.C. making every issue about herself. She “wept” at the border. She pushed the horrible Green New Deal. And she got basic facts about government and the economy wrong, again and again.

Meanwhile, her office doesn’t even have a phone number so that locals can ask her for help.

When she cost the city of New York a deal that would have brought tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars, that must have been the last straw. AOC is now facing a charismatic, pro-business rival in her upcoming primary. This fellow Latina is positioning herself as a moderate, “Anti-AOC.” And it looks like some Trump supporters are willing to get her elected.

Top donors to President Trump are also pumping thousands of dollars into the campaign kitty of the Democratic primary rival to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, campaign records show.

Broadcaster Stanley Hubbard, who contributed $175,000 to the pro-Trump Great America PAC, contributed the maximum $5,600 to Caruso-Cabrera, according to and filings with the Federal Elections Commission.

“Cowboy venture capitalist” Darren Blanton, who has given $41,000 to pro-Trump campaign entities, also donated $5,600 to Caruso-Cabrera…

Caruso-Cabrera is running as a moderate, pro-business Democratic alternative to Ocasio-Cortez in the 14th congressional district that takes in the neighborhoods of Astoria, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights and College Point in Queens as well as Morris Park, Parkchester, City Island and Throgs Neck in The Bronx. [Source: Fox News]

Several other big Trump donors have donated the max amount of cash to Caruso-Cabrera’s campaign. Its clear CC is trying to make herself look like the exact opposite of self-describe socialist AOC. When asked recently during a debate about raising taxes, AOC had no troubling saying she would raise taxes on wealthy Americans.

CC countered by saying she wouldn’t raise taxes “at all,” due to the crisis sparked by the pandemic.

It’s hard to believe that there’s anyone left in AOC’s district that will back her. Local Democrats mulled redrawing districts to squeeze her out. New Yorkers continue to fume over her terrible interference with the Amazon deal. And her approval rating has never been all that great.

Add to that the fact that AOC is aligned with radical, left-wing groups and CC continues to muster support from pro-business, moderate groups.

AOC should be getting very worried right about now.

It’s hard to really understand what AOC thought she could accomplish in Washington. She promised to abolish ICE during the last primary—clearly a stunt to win votes. Yet when she entered office, she did nothing of value. All she can do is stir up controversy designed to cast as big a light on herself. Something politicians are very good at, but at least most can brag about at least one accomplishment.

AOC has zero. And her frequent mistakes prove she can’t even bother to educate herself on the very issues she talks about. She shows little respect for the leaders of her own party (refuses to pay her dues). Not to mention how she’s faced investigations over campaign funds.

Caruso-Cabrera might not be a Trump ally, but she is a small step in the right direction. If we can get rid of AOC, we’ll all be better off.

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