Trump Targets FBI Director, Hints At Agency Shake Up

By Lawrence Richard December 11th, 2019 | Image Source: The Daily Star

President Trump may have teased a possible administration shake-up following the release of a Department of Justice Inspector General report.

The report included a number of troubling details regarding the origins of the Russia investigation, including the FBI excluding pertinent evidence for their obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. These omissions, alterations, and flat-out lies had the president vocally worried about the state of the FBI on Monday evening and into Tuesday morning.

These inconsistencies within the Bureau were mostly brushed off by FBI Director Christopher Wray who, during an exclusive broadcast interview with ABC Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas, said he did not believe the FBI treated the Trump campaign unfairly.

The president responded in a tweet where he identified Wray as the “current Director of the FBI.”

“I don’t know what report current Director of the FBI Christopher Wray was reading, but it sure wasn’t the one given to me,” Trump said on Twitter. “With that kind of attitude, he will never be able to fix the FBI, which is badly broken despite having some of the greatest men & women working there!”

The specific use of the word “current,” as well as Trump’s apparent frustration with Wray, had some people speculating online that Trump may be considering replacing him.

President Trump continued in his criticism of the I.G. report’s finding while taking questions from reporters at the White House where he said: “It’s a disgrace what’s happened with respect to the things that were done to our country.”

“It should never again happen to another president,” he added per the Western Journal.

“It is incredible, far worse than I would have ever thought possible,” the president continued. “It’s an embarrassment to our country, it’s dishonest, it’s everything that a lot of people thought it would be, except far worse.”

“Well, they fabricated evidence and they lied to the courts and they did all sorts of things to have it go their way. And this was something we can never allow to happen again,” Trump also said.

In the statement, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham echoed the president’s comments calling the report “shocking.”

“The shocking report from the DOJ Inspector General shows an out-of-control FBI under President Obama and former Director Jim Comey,” Grisham said per the Western Journal.

“The report makes clear that the phony Steele Dossier was ‘central and essential’ for the FBI to secure wiretaps from the FISA Court to spy on the Trump campaign,” she continued. “But the FBI repeatedly lied to the FISA Court to make Steele seem credible and to hide information showing that the Dossier was false.”

Grisham added: “The Dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee – but that fact was hidden from the FISA Court. Astoundingly, when evidence was repeatedly uncovered showing no wrongdoing by candidate Trump, that also was hidden from the FISA Court.”


“On top of all that, one FBI lawyer altered an email in an effort to continue and extend the wiretapping — and he has been referred for criminal prosecution. All of this shows a repeated effort to mislead the FISA Court long after the FBI was aware the ‘Dossier’ was false, phony and could not be used justify spying on the Trump Campaign,” she said.

“The American people should be outraged and terrified by this abuse of power. This should never happen to another presidential candidate or any American ever again.”

Author: Lawrence Richard

Source: Governor Palin: Trump Hints At Possible Administration Shake-up, Says ‘Current’ FBI Director ‘Will Never Be Able To Fix The FBI’

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