Trump Trolls Mueller Testimony with Big Plans

Image Source: National Insiders

The desperate and pathetic Democrats still seek a way to impeach Trump. Not satisfied with the final Russian report, they are forcing Robert Mueller to testify. Nobody knows what they expect to learn that wasn’t already in his report. Trump, in a master stroke, will troll the left by throwing this event on the same day.

It’s pretty sad to watch Democrats, these days. They continue to waste time and energy on a pointless crusade to impeach Trump. For over two years, they’ve told us that Trump was working with Russia to steal our election. Some have even claimed that Trump is merely a pawn for the Russian government. On top of that, they say he obstructed justice in order to prevent the FBI from finding out the truth.

None of the Democrats’ wild accusations are backed with a shred of evidence. Even after a special counsel lead a two-year investigation, spending over $25 million in tax dollars, they found that no American helped Russia do anything during the 2016 Election.

Apparently, that’s not good enough for the Democrats. They’ve already admitted they can’t win 2020 unless they get rid of Trump. So, they continue to search for evidence they can use to impeach him. Throwing around subpoenas like firecrackers, they are forcing Mueller to testify about his report.

I guess these delusional leftists think he’s going to say something to hurt Trump, even though his report has nothing on the president.

It’s another waste of time and tax payer money. The president knows it. So, in a move that will outrage the left, he’s planning something on the same day. Something bigger and more exciting than Mueller’s testimony.

President Trump will hold a 2020 campaign rally in North Carolina on July 17 – the same day former special counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to appear before Congress.

The president’s re-election campaign said it will host a “Keep America Great” rally at Williams Arena in Greenville that day.

The timing of the rally is likely planned to coincide with the Mueller’s appearance before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, with Democrats hoping for explosive testimony that will damage Trump.

Trump’s critics also hope the testimony will generate attention to the Mueller report that he provided to the Justice Department in March, at the conclusion of his Russia investigation.

The report looked at Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election but found no evidence that Trump colluded with the foreign government in an effort to get elected. [Source: Fox News]

As Democrats try to twist Mueller’s words to make the president look bad, all eyes will be on Trump in North Carolina. Everyone will want to see the massive crowds that will turn out. We will get to enjoy yet another barn-burner of a speech, as Trump calls out the crooked left, corrupt media, and pathetic Democrats fighting for the 2020 nomination.

Which would you rather want to watch? Cronies in D.C. asking pointless questions to Robert Mueller—who doesn’t even want to be there? Or Donald Trump and his campaign, rocking the Williams Arena?

I know what I’ll be watching.

Democrats keep digging themselves into a hole. Right now, they are making a big deal about the conditions of detention centers at the border. But they were the ones who refused to provide funds and support for the border—leading to that problem.

Perhaps all this Mueller grilling is meant as a distraction to all their failures. In 2018, they promised big things if they won back Congress. They got the House, but after six months, they’ve done nothing. No major legislation, no big victories. Just endless subpoenas, unfulfilled promises, and lots of lies.

But I’m sure, this time, they’ll get what they want from Mueller. M-hm, Trump is as good as impeached!

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