Trump’s Doctor Puts Lying Media To Shame In Latest Report

The media has frequently attacked Trump’s health as an excuse to undermine him. Now, many are flipping out over his announcement that he’s using hydroxychloroquine to prevent infection. Non-doctors and liars say it is a bad idea. But an actual doctor, Trump’s doctor, has something to say.

In recent weeks, we learned that several members of the White House staff have tested positive for COVID-19. Not a big deal, right? Well, it would be a big deal if we learned that the President of the United States caught this disease. So, what is Trump doing? Like a wise person, he is taking a drug that has been proven overwhelmingly effective at treating and preventing this disease.

What has the media said? They are criticizing the president for taking responsible measures to keep himself healthy. What would they have said if he’d done nothing and caught the disease? You guessed it, they would have said he was being reckless for not looking after his health.

Thus, you see, that the media’s opinion is totally worthless.

Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be incredibly effective at treating COVID-19. We knew this back in March. Yet despite having this wonder drug that “wipes out” the virus, our country was put on a forced lockdown. Have you ever heard of shutting down a country over a disease that we have a cure for? But we did this, because the media covered up news that hydroxychloroquine can treat the disease.

You know why.

The media is now flipping out that Trump—who is healthy—is taking a safe, 50-year-old drug to prevent infection. While these non-doctors are complaining, Trump’s physician has the facts.

President Donald Trump’s physician on Monday noted that he concluded with the president that hydroxychloroquine has a “potential benefit” against coronavirus.

“After numerous discussions, he and I had regarding the evidence for and against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks,” Commander Sean Conley, DO, USN wrote in a memo released by the White House…

Conley noted that Trump continued to be in “very good health” and “symptom-free” of coronavirus and that his tests were all negative. [Source: Breitbart]

Just imagine if the media thought Trump could have prevented getting the disease, but didn’t? They would be screaming. Not because they care about Trump’s health (they have frequently fanaticized about his death), but because it’s yet another reason for them to attack him. Pelosi is calling out Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine, but you better believe that wrinkled old dinosaur will start taking it (if she’s not already taking it).

Let’s step back and look at this rationally. There is a disease out there we know is deadly for older Americans. A few White House staffers tested positive. So, Trump is taking a safe drug to prevent catching the disease. Shouldn’t the media be applauding his smart decision to protect his health? Trump is doing the right thing, so he won’t catch this disease and suffer for weeks.

But maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the real reason Democrats are so upset. They know hydroxychloroquine is effective—and they didn’t want Trump taking it. They would have been happier to see him get sick—and possibly die.

What other conclusion could we make? If news comes out that Schumer and Pelosi are taking this drug, the media would be praising their “wise decision.” But Trump? They don’t want this man alive. And if the drug proves to be effective at preventing him from catching COVID (it is), they have little excuse to keep bashing it.

It’s a lose-lose for them and they know it. But all this complaining and criticizing… really makes them look stupid, huh?

Makes you wonder why anyone bothers to listen to them anymore?

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