Trump’s Latest Plan Is a Huge Win for Taxpayers

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President Trump just might be the most fiscally responsible president ever. He is slashing the size of the federal government in order to save taxpayers money. Taking steps to reduce waste, he’s returning power back to the people and ending years of failure.

His latest move will alter an arrangement that’s been around for decades. Foreign allies better pay attention.

Ever since World War II, the United States has taken a much larger role in world affairs. After liberating Europe and Japan from evil rulers, we somehow got stuck over there. U.S. military has a presence in almost every country in the world. We have bases across Europe and Asia. It’s safe to say our forces are spread thin.

Whenever an ally is in trouble, we are there. Nations from Japan to Germany almost expect us to take care of their problems. The United States spends considerable money on a strong, military presence around the globe.

But have you ever wondered what we were getting in return? Bubkus!

When running for president, Donald Trump announced he’d demand NATO countries to pay their fair share. It’s a reality that the United States pay much more than other member nations of the alliance.

While our media balked at such a demand, many NATO countries admitted this was the right thing to do.

Now, Trump is upping ante by saying he’ll demand our allies to pay for the cost of our military intervention. And hey, let’s throw in an extra 50%!

The Trump administration is drawing up demands for Germany and Japan — and eventually other countries — to pay for the costs of hosting U.S. troops in their countries, plus an additional 50% or more…

Since Trump announced he was running for president, he has consistently drawn attention to the amount the U.S. pays for security — especially in NATO. As recently as January, Trump once again reiterated his stance on the issue. [Source: The Daily Caller]

It’s important to understand that, because of U.S. military presence, these allied nations barely provide a military of their own. Knowing that we’ll just bail them out, come what may, these nations haven’t bothered paying or training adequate troops.

That may be fine for them, but we are taking the burden.

Some have speculated that European countries are able to affording their “universal healthcare” because they don’t need to allocate much money for military needs. As bad as Europe’s health care reportedly is, they wouldn’t even be able to provide it (and other socialist services) if we were around, protecting their skin.

Already critics are complaining about Trump’s plan. Big surprise that Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz, is attacking the president.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who sits on the Armed Services Committee and is the head of the House Republican Conference, criticized the Trump administration’s move, calling it “absolutely devastating.”

“We should not look at this as though somehow we need to charge them rent or for the privilege of having our forces there, because that does us a huge benefit as well,” she added. [Source: The Daily Caller]

Um, how does it benefit Americans by spending billions—even trillions—on keeping other nation’s safe? These aren’t poor countries that can’t muster their own troops. These are prosperous nations with a history of having strong, capable armies.

I have a hard time believing Cheney cares about the well-being of Japan or Germany. Like her father, she is a neo-con globalist who has overlords around the world to obey. Big power brokers, from international corporations to foreign nations, pull the strings of many of our lawmakers.

Only Donald Trump is fighting this tide of putting other nations ahead of our own. His new policy will save our country trillions. While also requiring our allies to simple do what’s fair.

After all, shouldn’t these nations show their appreciation for decades of U.S. support and defense?

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