Victims’ Mother Met With President Trump — This Is What Happened

Before signing a historic executive order aimed at police reform, Trump met with numerous families of recent victims. The president listened to their stories and offered support and hope. The media, including so-called civil rights leaders, criticized the move, calling it a photo op. But one mother had a different take.

In recent months, the media has put considerable attention on the deaths of several black Americans. Some of them were killed by citizens, others killed by cops. But all of them have been branded unjust slayings by many, sparking outrage, rioting, and calls to defund the police. President Trump, however, had a different plan.

He prepared to sign an executive order that would address needed reform for police departments. The president met with law enforcement leaders and experts to receive their input and guidance. In addition to that, he sat down with the families of these victims to hear their stories.

President Donald Trump met privately with a group of families of Americans killed by law enforcement on Tuesday, which was described afterward as an emotional event…

McEnany said that the families shared their personal stories of loss with President Trump during the meeting.

“There were a lot of tears, there was a lot of emotion and the president was devastated,” she said. [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats and the media—including some civil rights leaders—dismissed the meeting as simply a photo op (although there were no photos taken with the president, nor were the families at the EO signing). But the mother of one of the victims, Ahmaud Arbery, is speaking up for the president.

Wanda Cooper-Jones, the mother of Ahmaud Arbery – an unarmed black young man who was killed in Georgia earlier this year – said that her meeting with the president went smoothly, describing him as “very compassionate.”

“I was very, very emotional throughout the whole conference,” she said. “[Trump] was very compassionate. He showed major concern for all families. Not just one family, but for all families.” [Source: Daily Caller]

As usual, what the media claims about Trump is radically different than the real man. Democrats want you to believe Trump is as cruel, callous, and uncaring as the false depiction they’ve created of him. But those who meet him in person discover a man that is sincerely concerned for their well-being.

In fact, S. Lee Merritt, the lawyer for Cooper-Jones, went as far as to condemn civil rights leaders who insulted the meeting as he stood up for Trump.

Why wouldn’t the president meet with these families—in order to offer them support, kindness, and hope? Had Obama done it, the media would be falling over themselves to talk about it. In fact, Obama would have let the camera crews roll in, turning the entire event into a circus.

Instead, Trump met privately with the families so he could hear from them directly, without the noise and distraction of the media. He wasn’t interested in getting a photo op out of it. He wanted to let them know he was on their side.

President Trump’s new order will create a federal database that keeps track of cops charged with abuse. It will prevent them from getting future jobs within law enforcement. It will also provide modern training and resources for police, to reduce the risk of deadly encounters. The order will also ensure mental health experts will be on hand to assist police when dealing with suspects afflicted with a disorder.

These measures have been talked about by the left, but never implemented. As with so many other issues, it took Trump to do what politicians have promised for years, but never accomplished.

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