Violent Crime Far Surpass COVID Cases In Liberal Cop-Hating City

Months ago, New York was suffering the worst COVID outbreak in the country. More died and were infected than anywhere else in America. But that pales in comparison to a new trend that’s growing. And it’s all thanks to the mayor’s move to defund the police.

New York is the largest city in America. It is a world center where art, culture, and business collide. In the past, it was the envy of nearly every other American city, a tourist destination for Americans and world travelers.

But that was when hard-working Republicans like Rudy Giuliani were running the city. After just a few years, Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio has turned the city into a laughing stock. The man has had a long rivalry with the NYPD. He has consistently shown little support for the men and women who protect New York. And that was before the insane defund the police push.

Now, de Blasio is devoted to taking billions from the PD. He’s already shut down an anti-crime unit. The mayor, becoming more and more left-wing, is siding with radical activists Black Lives Matter. He’s painted their political slogan the streets of the city, despite it being against the law.

His leadership has led to a massive spike in crime over the Summer. Now, the city hit a new milestone. It isn’t a good one.

More than two dozen shootings across New York City over the weekend left a one-year-old dead and at least 34 others injured, some potentially fatally, dwarfing the number of people killed there by the coronavirus during the same period.

It appears that over the weekend, particularly that fateful Saturday that left the one-year-old dead, NYC residents had a higher chance of getting shot than dying from coronavirus.

While NYC has largely tamed the lethal and highly contagious coronavirus, another epidemic is starting to rear its ugly head in the city once again — violent crimes.

“A one-year-old child is dead. The baby was with his family enjoying a Sunday night in the Summer when someone started shooting,” NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey wrote on Twitter. “This. Must. STOP! We as a community, we as a police department denounce this disgusting violence.” [Source: Breitbart]

Among the 34 people shot that weekend in New York, a one-year-old child was murdered at a cookout. Where are the protests for this boy? Where is the outrage from black Americans? Will Black Lives Matter stage nationwide protests, rioting for justice for this innocent?

I think you know the answer to that. Black Lives Matter—and all those who “marched” and protested—didn’t do it out of a sense of justice. They did it over politics. The death of a child at the hands of criminals doesn’t help their cause. So, like the media, they ignore it.

They were upset when a grown man, who was posing a threat to cops, was wrongfully killed. But when a one-year-old baby is murdered during a family cookout, these activists don’t say a word.

More people were hurt that weekend in New York than died from COVID, a disease so “terrible” they had to shut down the biggest city in the country. You don’t see de Blasio doing anything to stop the wave of violence gripping NYC. In fact, he is making sure it will continue for years to come, with his insane attacks on the NYPD.

Serious question: how long before all cops in the city just up and quit? They are being prevented from doing their job. They are being treated like the enemy by those who should be supporting them.

If the city continues this trend—and voters keep electing Democrats—that will surely be the end result.

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