[Watch]: Rudy Giuliani Has Brilliant Game-Plan To Battle George Soros


Maria Bartiromo listened to what Rudy had to say and responded with “Wow!”

There has been some media exposure emphasizing George Soros and his connections to the St. Louis “armed couple” and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) street mural “hate crime” couple, and how Soros is using local prosecutors he supported and funded in order to take down decent American citizens who are standing up to the communist insurrection.

But what’s really amazing is finally hearing a top-level Trump ally say the same thing!

That’s precisely what Rudy Giuliani did during an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo…and Rudy’s laying out a plan to go after Soros. That caught Maria off guard, compelling her to exclaim, “Wow!”

Wow is right…and it’s what we need: More “Wow” around here.

Rudy says that the only reason Soros (quietly) funded these communist prosecutors was to “disrupt” the American government. He even called them “anarchist DA’s.” Beautiful!

This is the boldest and strongest lashing we’ve seen Soros get from someone at Rudy’s level, and he’s right over the target.

But the kicker is when he said “I think we have a chance to revisit it…I think we fight them right down to the wire,” referring to these Soros-planted “anarchist DA’s.”

Rudy knows what’s up and he’s ready for battle! You can watch the video below (Soros comments start around the 1:30-mark):

The only way the Right wins against the Left is to stop pussy-footing around. We need to call them out and fight them tooth and nail on every front.

Rudy is right, we sat here quiet for five years while Soros funded and backed these commie prosecutors all over the country. We were asleep at the wheel and now look at what’s happened—the Soros plan has taken root and we’re now at the mercy of these Soros-backed district attorneys when we could have just paid attention as it was happening and fought to keep them out of office.

Yes, we need to take on Sorors, as Rudy suggested, but we also need to pay much closer attention to what the Left is quietly doing—every single thing that they do has an ulterior and sinister motive.

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: WATCH: Rudy Giuliani just laid out game-plan to battle against George Soros

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