White House Promises to Veto Pelosi’s ‘Wish List’ – House Speaker Folds

Americans had a collective fit when they learned about Nancy Pelosi’s insane new “relief” bill. The massive spending package would cost us $3 trillion dollars. All of it would go to Democrat “wish lists.” Immediately, the White House promised they would never sign such a bill. Now, Pelosi is backtracking.

You have to give it to Nancy Pelosi. The old gal doesn’t give two rats asses about America. When Congress was trying to pass funding to save small businesses, she held it up… twice. Then, she closed the House, preventing lawmakers from continuing to provide solutions during the crisis. Meanwhile, she contacted her party, telling them to send her their biggest wishes to put into a spending bill.

She released the bill this week. The proposal would spend $3 trillion—the biggest package in our history. And all of it goes to the worst, far-left goals imaginable. Much of the money would bailout blue states that have spent recklessly for years. It would give tax breaks to rich liberals (not the working or middle classes). It would provide thousands to illegal aliens. And it would fund mail-in voting.

And that’s just for starters. The bill is ridiculous. Even if they could ram it through the House, it would be DOA in the Senate. The White House officially promised to veto it. Now, Nancy is trying to backtrack.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged Thursday the long odds of the Democrats’ $3 trillion coronavirus relief legislation of becoming law and suggested the massive bill could be a starting point of negotiations with the White House and Senate.

“We’re putting our offer on the table, we’re open to negotiation,” Pelosi said. [Source: Fox News]

Forgive me, but this woman is a lying fraud. She knew a bill like this, so radical, so partisan, so unrealistic, would never get passed—even if we had a Democrat president. Yet she is wasting our time and money on it. Why did she shut down the House for weeks, just to produce something so stupid?

She didn’t consult with one Republican on the bill—pretty typical for House Democrats, these days. Pelosi’s claim that this is just a “starting point” is also a big pile of horse manure. You don’t “start” negotiations with ridiculous, unrealistic demands. That is a sure sign you are an amateur, or don’t take negotiations seriously.

If you don’t believe me, name one time Nance was willing to sit down with Trump and hash out a deal? Several occasions, Trump has invited her and Schumer to the White House for talks. Every time, the liberal hag walked out—immediately going to the press for her photo op. She doesn’t care about negotiating for the good of Americans. She’s just interested in her ever-fading limelight.

Just take a look at the ridiculous “HEROES” bill and tell me I’m wrong. It makes AOC’s Green New Deal look like a masterpiece. The HEROES bill is something they wouldn’t even parody on The Simpsons. It’s beyond parody. It’s a total farce.

Pelosi knows she can’t negotiate with it. She knows not a single Republican (and perhaps many moderate Democrats) won’t back it. In the midst of a crisis, she is wasting our time with terrible ideas.

Why isn’t she working with Congress to encourage states to reopen? Why isn’t she—like she did in February—encouraging Americans to travel and shop (albeit “safely”)? Why isn’t she trying to find a solution to get the nation’s economy working and end the useless shutdowns?

I know why. It’s because she doesn’t care about America. All she cares about is her fame and wealth. She’s at the end of her career and she wants to solidify her “legacy” as a progressive icon. But she will never be RBG. She is a joke. A footnote in our history.

And this HEROES bill is proof of that.

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