Democrats Caught Pushing Sneaky Vote Scheme In Key State

In recent weeks, we’ve learned about many cases where mail-in voting has failed. Yet Democrats continue to demand this system, in an apparent attempt to steal the 2020 Election. Democrats in Florida tried to push radical changes to the way residents cast their ballots. But they suffered a major defeat at the hands of the GOP.

Democrats claim we need “mail-in” voting because it’s “safer,” in light of the COVID panic. But plenty of stories have come flooding in since the Spring, that reveal mail-in voting is not the way to go. From coast to coast, we’ve learned of instances where ballots were lost, destroyed, or rejected. Ballots were found dumped in apartment hallways. One mail truck, full of ballots, was set ablaze.

Clearly, mail-in voting is not about providing a safe way for Americans to vote, but it opens the door to millions of votes not being counted or worse. Such a sloppy, unreliable system can be exploited by fraudster everywhere.

In Florida, Democrats wanted to go even further, eliminating any restrictions to protect the integrity of our elections. But they were quickly shut down.

Republicans on Monday appeared to soundly defeat a Democratic-led legal effort to force taxpayers in Florida to fund mail-in ballot postage fees, eliminate ballot-return deadlines and strike down laws restricting the practice of “ballot harvesting” – which allows political operatives to retrieve vote-by-mail ballots en masse and return them to polling places.

The Democratic super PAC Priorities USA had sued the Republican Party and GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, but agreed to a settlement that dismissed the case just before trial was set to begin on Monday. [Source: Fox News]

They probably withdrew their suit because they knew no judge on the planet would allow their radical demands. Democrats in Florida wanted to push mail-in ballots, eliminate postage fees, erase deadlines, and strike down anti-ballot harvesting laws. In a word, they wanted to cheat.

Florida is a key state for presidential elections, after all. And in recent years, it’s been swinging to the right. Republicans won major victories in 2018, securing the governorship and flipping a blue Senate seat red. Democrats probably feared what would come in 2020, so they were scheming to make it easier for mail-in ballots to be used. Then, their operatives could go door-to-door, getting people to forge ballots and harvest them days after the election.

Mail-in voting and ballot harvest are two clear signs that Democrats don’t believe in democracy. If they did, they would require voter ID, reject the very flawed mail-in ballot, and refuse to let anyone “harvest” ballots. They would demand a high standard for our election process.

Instead, they have fought for years for the very opposite. Democrats don’t want voters to prove their identity with an ID. They want a system where ballots can get “lost” in the mail or forged by fraudsters. They want to be able to go door-to-door, bamboozling unsuspecting elderly so they’d vote for their candidate.

At least in Florida, they were forced to relent. Republicans refused to let Democrats tip the scales so that they had an upper hand. But across the country, Democrats continue to look for ways to game the system, through mail-in ballots or other measures.

The only solution? An election result so clear that their attempts at fraud fall flat. Such a massive turnout of real voters would freeze Democrats in their tracks. This year, we’ve seen Democrat leaders work tirelessly to destroy our way of life, economy, and democracy. That requires a surge of patriots to flood the polls, to make sure every last leftist loses their job.

No amount of ballot harvesting will be able to stop us then.

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