Liberal Geraldo Calls Out Biden’s Outrageous ‘Bait And Switch’ On Video

By Adam Casalino September 4th, 2020 | Image Source: Patriot Journal

What’s Happening:

Geraldo Rivera has a reputation for being a straight talker.

We don’t always agree with him, but he doesn’t walk to the fake news’ agenda.

And he can often see through the left’s baloney better than many moderates in the media.

He’s sick of what he’s seeing these days, a Democrat party that ignored riots for months, calling them “peaceful” protests. And now, they are blaming Trump for everything.

Watching what he says about all of it:

It’s a brazen bait & switch. After claiming for months that the looting & violence were peaceful protests, now Dems admit they are riots, but claim that they’re @realDonaldTrump’s fault. Frauds.

Geraldo slammed the Democrats for embracing the “defund police” movement, which has resulted in destabilizing cities like New York and crime rates going up.

He called out Democrat leaders who have tried to “squash” talk of defunding police departments, now that it is known to be so unpopular.

Additionally, Rivera accused the left of pulling a “bait and switch” on Americans.

For months, they ignored the uncontrolled riots in blue cities, calling them “mostly peaceful protests.”

Millions of Americans knew them for what many of them turned into: riots.

But only after polls revealed that Biden was slipping did some Democrats come out and strongly condemn the violence—blaming it all on Trump.

Wait, what? Either they are peaceful protests we should be supporting or they are dangerous riots started by the president.

You can’t have both, Democrats. YOU supported bailing out those arrested since May. Many Democrat leaders and media figures have called for more unrest—whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

If they are violent now, it’s not Trump’s fault. It’s yours.

Yet Democrats think they can have it both ways. They think they can get brownie points for supporting these riots and blame Trump for fanning the flames.

But they can’t rewrite history.

Rivera is driving the point home, so that nobody can ignore it.

Do Democrats really think Americans will believe this trick? That we will forget how they sat by and claimed that the destruction of courthouses, churches and businesses was just a myth?

Key Takeaway:

  • Geraldo Rivera accused Democrats of pulling a “bait and switch” over the riots.
  • They applauded them in the past, calling them “peaceful” but now blame them on Trump.
  • Rivera called them frauds for trying to pull a fast one on Americans.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Geraldo Calls Out Biden’s Bait And Switch – On Video He Says Joe Can’t Admit Riots And Also Blame Trump

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