Supreme Court Rebels Against Governor Shutdown — Frees Citizens

Although the threat of COVID-19 is rapidly declining, numerous states continue to punish residents with bogus shutdowns. Democrat governors refuse to safely reopen their economies, extending their orders well into the Summer. At least one state Supreme Court is fighting back. And they are sending a message to the rest of the country.

Let me ask you one thing: do you still care about coronavirus? I’d like to think after two and a half months, most Americans are over it. The virus wasn’t as devastating as “experts” claimed. We are seeing the number of deaths drop like a rock. Even major media outlets have moved on from their hysterical reporting.

Yet many Americans still suffer under orders that are no longer necessary. From coast to coast, mostly blue states keep their citizens under house arrest, extending orders that were legally questionable from the start. Businesses have suffered and millions are out of a job.

You’d think governors would be eager to quickly open up, just to stem the bleeding. But, for whatever reason (I can think of a few), liberals want us locked up until the end of days.

But at least one Supreme Court has restored the balance of power, by knocking down the governor’s order.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court struck down the state’s “safer at home” order Wednesday, saying Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ administration overstepped its authority when it extended the order through the end of May…

All future lockdown orders must go through the legislature, the ruling said. The court denied a request from Republicans for a six-day stay, instead striking down the order immediately. [Source: Fox News]

Oh, you mean a governor can’t just pass orders like a medieval king? That they have to work with their legislative bodies to pass laws, so as not to abuse their power? Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, the CONSTITUTION.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court stood up for our rights and way of life when it ruled that a governor just can’t pass abusive orders on a whim. A disease is no excuse for a governor to act like a tyrant, shutting down businesses and punishing Americans for just trying to earn a living.

The court condemned the governor for creating criminal penalties through an order unapproved by the legislature.

That has been a common theme during this crisis. Mayors and governors have gone off the deep end, persecuting regular Americans to enforce their “lockdowns.” New York Mayor de Blasio even wanted neighbors to rat out anyone who went outside. Governors have arrested people for simply visiting friends or family. All over a disease that is no deadlier than the flu.

I’m sure you’re tired of reading about the pandemic. But even though we’ve all moved on, most states are still strangled by abusive orders created by mayors, judges, or governors. Without more rulings like this one from Wisconsin, it might be months before the majority of Americans can go back to normal.

This is important, because it goes well beyond COVID-19. These leaders had no problem taking massive liberties with their authority. At the drop of a hat, they acted like dictators, doing things that we’ve never seen done in the history of our country. That has to be addressed. The judicial branch of our government must set limits—across all states—ensuring no executive branch ever does this again.

That might look like state Supreme Courts passing similar rulings as Wisconsin. But in reality, we’ll have to bring a case before the federal Supreme Court, whose ruling will impact the entire nation.

The next crisis might be worse than this. We can’t allow power-hungry governors to take any more freedom from us. Because, one day, they won’t give it back.

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