Swing State Judge Hands Trump Election-Changing Victory

Despite what the left says, the presidential race is far from over. President Trump’s campaign and legal team are focusing on several states, including Michigan and Pennsylvania, both to expose possible acts of fraud and overturn decisions that undermined the election. Since Election Day, numerous stories have emerged that suggest the election was far from fair and legal in these states and others.

We all remember what happened on Election Night in Pennsylvania. By the end of the night, Donald Trump was leading by hundreds of thousands of votes. Then, for no reason whatsoever, the state stopped counting. The counting resumed the next day and suddenly, Biden was winning more and more ballots.

You’d have to be an idiot not to smell a rat.

Similar scenarios were played out in other states. Reports came in that counting houses were boarding up windows and refusing to let GOP observers into the rooms. Immediately, the media called the race for Biden—despite the fact that some states would do a recount, others hadn’t finished, and lawsuits were brewing.

(Remember, the media refused to call 2000, waiting for a month as Gore challenged one state.)

This election will take even longer than 2000, as more than one state is under scrutiny. Donald Trump has refused to quit, demanding that every legal vote be counted—and illegal votes are exposed and rejected. That battle is being raged in Pennsylvania, where the Democrat Secretary of State changed voting rules at the last minute—violating state law.

Now, a judge just gave a ruling that could expose a massive amount of voter fraud.

A Pennsylvania judge on Thursday ruled in favor of the Trump campaign, ordering that state election officials cannot count ballots that were cast provisionally by voters who did not have proof of identification and then subsequently failed to provide ID by Nov. 9.

Existing Pennsylvania law states voters have until six days after the election – in this case Nov. 9 – to “cure” problems with a ballot, including a lack of identification.

But just weeks before the election, the state’s Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots could be accepted up to three days after Election Day, or through Nov. 6. By then Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar – just two days before Election Day –announced that proof of ID could be provided up until Nov. 12.

The state judge ruled that Boockvar “lacked statutory authority” to make such a ruling. [Source: Just the News]

Why are late ballots—with no IDs—so suspicious? Because what’s stopping Democrats from flooding the ballot box with forged ballots after the election, making up the difference to help Biden? That’s what many conservatives believe happened in Pennsylvania and other states. That is essentially the strategy of “ballot harvesting,” a scheme that helped Democrats win many local elections by just a few votes.

If Democrats think they can steal the White House with such an obvious scheme, they are dreaming. They know they are clinging to this “victory” by the skin of their teeth. All it will take is some investigating to reveal how Democrat leaders cheated the rules to give Biden a slim win in a few states. Once that’s exposed, heads are going to roll.

That’s why the media is pushing their narrative so hard. They want you and Trump supporters to just give up and back down. They want us to just hand our country over to a man that promised to destroy it.

But they are about to have a rude awakening.

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