Social Media Has An Unexpected Surprise Coming, Thanks To Trump

President Trump has gone all-in for his re-election campaign. The Republican launched his first rally this weekend for the general election. His campaign has begun rolling out ads that expose his rival’s mental instability. And now, he’s explaining one of his top goals for his second term.

Don’t believe the pathetic mainstream media. What Trump accomplished in just his first term is staggering. I could fill an entire article going over the landmark achievements, but it would only scratch the surface. Trump slashed regulations and taxes. He’s appointed nearly 300 conservative federal judges. He’s negotiated new trade deals with Mexico, Canada, China and more. He’s reformed our prison system. And he’s ended our endless wars overseas (while defeating ISIS).

Again, that’s just for starters. When Trump leaves office at the end of his second term, we won’t recognize this country. For the better. He will dismantle the corrupt system that put globalists and the ruling elite ahead of regular Americans. He will “drain the swamp,” depriving corrupt politicians their ability to manipulate the system.

But there appears to be plenty more that Trump wants to accomplish. During a recent interview, he mentioned a major goal for his second term: ending social media censorship.

President Donald Trump signaled his support for modernizing antitrust laws for internet-based companies…

When asked about potential second term initiatives, Trump eventually brought up rolling back Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which provides online platforms liability protections for speech from their users.

“It’s really unfair what’s going on with the conservative voice,” he explained. “You’d solve the entire problem of the various, you know, monopolists, if you ever voided Section 230.” [Source: Daily Caller]

It’s no secret major online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more have been clamping down on conservative users. Popular, influential conservative figures have seen these sites censor their content one way or another. The goal, it seems, is to prevent conservatives from reaching larger, newer audiences.

Does this have to do with controlling what people see, so they’ll vote a certain way? Many on the right think so.

President Trump has hammered social media for a long time. He’s called out these left-leaning companies for harassing millions of their own users. Like other Republican leaders, he is threatening to revoke their Section 230 immunity. This immunity protects social media “platforms” from legal action. But more and more, these sites are acting like “publishers,” controlling what users can post.

If that’s the case, then Section 230 no longer applies to them, so they should face legal action over what is on their sites.

Networks like Facebook would lose everything if they didn’t have Section 230 immunity. It’s the only thing that enables them to offer their services free to users. But if websites like this keep censoring users’ content, then they should lose their immunity.

The president’s goal is obvious. Instead of losing their immunity, social media sites can just stop this practice of banning, blocking, or limiting the reach of conservatives. Go back to a time when everyone had the right to freely express themselves. Except in the cases of actual criminality, these sites would let a users’ content stay.

But it’s clear these sites can’t handle the massive influence they wield. If they think they can affect the outcome of an election by censoring conservative voices, they will. It might come down to ripping away their immunity, so they can learn the hard way.

Trump expressed the difficult task in rewriting antitrust laws. He said, “people own stock in companies,” suggesting the danger of going too far. But it’s clear something has to be done.

Even Democrats will suffer, if social media sites are allowed to censor content. Perhaps they’ll be smart enough to work with Trump to end this practice.

Perhaps not.

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