Top Democrat Officials Arrested In Massive Voter Fraud Sting

With the election just weeks away, many Americans are raising the alarm over voter fraud. President Trump has warned that mass, mail-in ballots could be easily used by the left to cheat. Many stories have come out to suggest that, unless we take our elections seriously, they can be stolen out from under us. Now, reports have come out that a major bust took place in Texas—sparking greater fraud concerns.

Mail-in ballots are only the latest scheme the left is pushing to make elections go their way. There are plenty of reason universal mail-in ballots is a bad idea. Would you trust your vote to the same people who can’t even get birthday cards delivered on time (or at all)? Then why can’t we just vote in person, as we have done for over 200 years?

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Democrats have fought against voter ID laws—claiming they are “racist.” Yet, it’s hard to ignore the fact that without legal ID, anyone can show up at a polling place and claim to be someone they’re not. Who would know?

Then there’s ballot harvest, a process where Democrats can stuff the ballot box after an election with ballots, they gathered from going door-to-door. It’s very easy through that method to coerce people to vote a certain way or just take their blank ballot and vote for them.

In some states, ballot harvesting is perfectly legal (you can guess who runs those states), but in many others it’s not. And in the state of Texas, it looks like a few Democrats were running a ballot harvesting scheme in 2018. Finally, they have been brought to justice.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Thursday that law enforcement officials had arrested four individuals for their alleged involvement in an illegal ballot harvesting scheme in the state’s 2018 Democrat primary election. One of the people who was arrested was the Democrat who won the primary race.

“The four individuals—Charlie Burns, Dewayne Ward, Marlena Jackson and Jackson’s husband Shannon Brown, a Democrat who was serving as Gregg County’s Precinct 4 commissioner—collectively stand accused of 134 different felony charges of election fraud and ballot tampering…”

The charges filed against the individuals included engaging in organized election fraud, illegal voting, fraudulent use of an application for a mail-in ballot, unlawful possession of a mail-in ballot, tampering with a governmental record, and election fraud. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s good that these crooks have been caught. But the problem with catching fraudsters after the election is that there is no way to fix what they broke. It’s not like we can go back and re-do elections from two years ago. What about the people planning to cheat this November? We need to stop any attempts at fraud in arguably one of the most important elections in our lives.

The only real solution is to not sit out this election. Voter fraud only works in small batches, in districts where the results are close. But if there is an overwhelming number of real votes counted by election night, nothing fraudsters can do will alter the outcome.

That will certainly be true this year. With such a strong push by Democrats to vote by mail, there’s no telling what some might pull. But if every last patriot flocked to the polls—they don’t have a prayer of a chance.

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