AG Barr Closing In On Charges In Biggest Political Scandal In History

For months, the DOJ has been investigating the Obama administration’s spying of Trump’s 2016 campaign. The case has long been upgraded from an inquiry into a full-blown criminal investigation. Barr’s “bulldog” John Durham has been hunting down leads in order to uncover what really went on. Now, Barr admits he’s “very troubled” by what he’s learning.

From what we already know about Obama’s DOJ’s probe against the Trump campaign, it’s pretty disturbing. The FBI and DOJ used a fake dossier from Hillary Clinton to get a warrant to spy on one of Trump’s staffers, Carter Page. The FBI had to falsified an email, removing information that would have cleared Page’s name.

Such an important detail suggests Obama’s administration knew that Page was doing nothing wrong, but wanted to make it look like he was a bad guy. Considering the circumstances, that’s pretty bad. It means that Obama’s DOJ was targeting Trump for political reasons, not to enforce the law.

That’s because, SPOILER, that’s exactly what they were doing.

There’s plenty of other ugly details connected to their ugly scheme against Trump. As the case progresses, A.G. Barr himself says we will be seeing some familiar names come out.

Attorney General Bill Barr told Fox News’ Bret Baier in an exclusive interview aired Tuesday that Americans will be able to recognize “some” of the names under investigation as part of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing probe into federal surveillance abuses — and that he is “very troubled” by “what has been called to” his attention so far…

“For the first time in American history, police organizations and the national security organizations were used to spy on a campaign, and there was no basis for it,” Barr said. “The media largely drove that — and all kinds of sensational claims were being made about the president that could have affected the election. And then and then later on, in his administration, there were actions taken that really appear to be efforts to sabotage his campaign. And that has to be looked at. And if people want to say that I’m political because I am looking at those potential abuses of power, so be it. But that’s the job of the attorney general.” [Source: Fox News]

Some accuse the “deep state” of trying to stop Trump from winning and later trying to interfere with his administration. But let’s be clear: these “deep state” operatives were really just Democrats.

Officials from the Obama administration apparently abused their power to spy on Trump’s campaign, hoping to find dirt that would confirm the bogus dossier’s accusations that he was a Russian puppet. When that didn’t work, evidence suggests they tried to set up several members of his campaign—including Donald Trump Jr.—to make it look like they were working with Russia.

They later hatched a scheme to set up Michael Flynn, who was only doing his job during the transition.

All evidence points to an underhanded scheme by Democrat allies to disrupt Trump’s rightful election and transition to the White House. After that, they continued to try to undermine him by spreading this propaganda through the media.

The Democrats’ lust for power is so great, they’d stop at nothing to get the upper hand. In a fair election, when Trump was elected, they bent and twisted the law to get what they wanted. Even today we see what great lengths Democrats will go to, to wrap their tentacles around America. They let riots ravage major cities, denied Americans access to church or work, and promised to dismantle police forces.

Why? So, that we’d be too weak to oppose their crooked agenda.

The scheme against the Trump campaign should be no shock to us. The real question is: when will the culprits be brought to justice?

Barr says that the process is slow, but it will happen.

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