Far-Left Mayor Under Fire After Accusation Against BLM Goes Viral

The mainstream media was all too quick to ignore the threat of COVID as thousands of BLM and Antifa protesters flooded streets to riot and spread violence over the Summer. In the ensuing weeks, positive tests of the disease spiked nationwide. Liberals pretended it had nothing to do with the unrest that they themselves encouraged. Now, the mayor of Los Angeles had no choice but to admit the truth.

Let’s get a few things straight: we’re not in a “second wave” of COVID. Positive tests dropped over April and May, because people were told to stay inside and not go to the hospital. They were also told that there weren’t enough tests, so they didn’t bother to get one. But as June rolled around, hospitals reopened. They started testing all the new patients, whether they were there for COVID or not. Thus, you saw your “spike.”

But there was another good reason why we suddenly saw new positive test among people in their 20’s and 30’s. The media encouraged widespread violent protests in the closing days of May and into June. Since the death of George Floyd, there hasn’t been a day where a large group of young people haven’t gathered to at least shout into a bullhorn. They don’t wear masks or socially distance.

Uh, big surprise! They’re spreading COVID.

Despite the fact these “cases” are either asymptomatic or have lack symptoms or are among a group that is in no danger of dying (deaths continue to drop), Democrats are having a fit. They are forcing face masks nationwide. Some even talk of going back into lockdown (good luck with that).

But only one Democrat, so far, is willing to admit that this was all their fault.

Mayor Eric Garcetti told a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon that the recent Black Lives Matter protests in the Los Angeles area were, in fact, partly responsible for a recent spike in coronavirus cases.

“Some of the spread did come from our protests,” Garcetti admitted, in response to a question from Breitbart News.

Garcetti had enthusiastically supported the protests and participated in them at close quarters, even removing his mask at one point to address a crowd. [Source: Breitbart]

Nobody in the liberal media warned that protests would spread the disease, after months of telling us to #StayHome. We couldn’t go to church, get a haircut, visit family, or attend weddings or funerals. But it was okay for violent protests to flood streets, tear down statues, and loot stores.

In fact, some “health officials” literally said that it was fine to protest, but everyone else had to limit gatherings to ten or less. You can’t make up that kind of stupidity.

The current spike we’re seeing isn’t a deadly one. The majority of people getting tested are young and aren’t suffering symptoms. But it’s easy to see that they were most likely a part of a protest in recent days or interacted with someone who did (I doubt many elderly were marching with Black Lives Matter).

Why isn’t the mainstream media making this connection? Why did they encourage protests at a time when they knew the virus was still at large? Do they even care about the health of Americans? Of course not. Why would they encourage violent protests, where people died and livelihoods destroyed?

Even though the mayor admits the protests spread the virus, he still wanted people flooding the streets. “I want to see march for racial justice continue,” he said. “I don’t want to let up, I don’t want to see us just disappear.” Proving he cares more about politics than the health of his own residents.

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